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Par : Profdid
Publié : 5 novembre 2009

Un champion du BCM au collège... RECTIFICATIF !!!

Rob Lewin came to visit the 3B ! (October 20th)

Une erreur c’est glissée dans l’article ci-dessous, c’est bien entendu Mme Dejonghe qui est à l’initiative de cet échange BCM / collège VDM.
Toutes nos excuses donc, et rendons à César ce qui appartient à César...

Robert Lewin, joueur du BCM, est venu le 20 octobre sur une initiative de Mme Vandemoortele, il a répondu aux questions posées par les élèves de 3B (élaborées en Anglais avec Mme Decroos) et est reparti après une séance d’autographes, apparemment ravi de son intervention !

En voici le résumé, réalisé par les 3B option EURO et Melle Knockaert :

Robert Lewin is 28, and he lives in Gravelines. He is a professional basket-ball player, and he is “interior” in the BCM team. He is from New York, so he is American, but he is Jamaican, Cuban, and Asian too. He has not got children. (He is not married). He has got a driving licence. (He has got a French car, a Renault !)
He has been playing for 14 years. He started playing in Brooklyn.

We asked him a lot of questions, and here is the information we have got : he is 2,03m tall and the size of his shoes is 48 (US= 14). He trains 5 days a week, for 7 hours a day ! He likes attack as well as defence. He loves his job, but if he had not become a professional player, he would have been a coach, or a restaurant owner. He did not like school, but he realized it was important to work to go to university. He never played in the NBA (He loves playing in Europe.) and he has never met Michael Jordan.
He travelled a lot : he visited Sweden, Spain, Poland, Russia, Croatia, Holland, Jamaica, the Czech Republic… He has been living in France for 4 years. He even saw the Eiffel Tower twice ! He met Tony Parker and Eva Longoria in Paris. (He thought she was really small !)

French food is OK to him, but he thinks French people eat too much chocolate. (!) What he prefers eating is chicken, beef, turkey and salad. He does not have a specific diet. He does not eat pork or fish.
He likes Hip Hop music and English Rap. And an important detail : if ET called him, he would say “Hello” !
He also told us that he would come and see us play basket-ball in Cappelle-la-Grande !

So thanks for your visit Rob, and we hope to see you again ! You are welcome !!!

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